Company profile

Servicing activity

The main task of servicing is to provide users with support of both a guarantee and post-guarantee nature. For these activities, the company operates a warehouse of spare parts, which allows for the responding to user requirements almost immediately. In close co-operation with the affiliated company Vaněk – strojírenská výroba, which operates the latest technologies, the preparation of higher production units is not an issue. Thanks to that, more extensive tasks can also be easily implemented, such as those involving upgrades of existing facilities. Expertise, qualification, and eligibility are attested to by an authorised service certificate. Servicing interventions are carried out by the company’s own engineers using a service car, especially in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Projects implemented within the EU (Sweden, Lithuania, Austria) are no exception. The expertise of our staff can then help our clients thanks to free on-the-phone support.


Our company is an exclusive supplier of biomass boilers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Commercial activities continually develop. Currently commercial activities are co-ordinated by company staff who control the activities of two external sales representatives. Moreover, co-operation agreements have been entered into with numerous companies in the field. Sales to other countries are provided for in co-operation with exclusive partners. At the beginning of this year, the company started to develop business contacts in eastern European countries.


The production process is divided into two stages. Upstream production and machinery/mechanical units are implemented at the affiliated Vaněk – strojírenská výroba company. The site has top-notch technical and technological conditions. The machinery company is certified to ISO, and at the same time holds all required licences covering design and production. The final assembly of the equipment, electric installation, and finally, commissioning via software installation, is fully within the competence of our staff members. Boilers can be supplied disassembled, and their final assembly can be provided by our staff at the final installation site. All our equipment is duly certified.


We are fully aware that the tradition of our universal biomass boilers is not self sufficient and therefore, we continuously strive to improve our products. In this domain, we also co-operate with external experts and institutions. Results of such activities are minor and major improvements that enhance the user value of our equipment. The company also takes into account the need for extending the portfolio of its own products, and intends to introduce a new line of products on the market.