Products characteristics

Our biomass boilers draw upon the best traditions. They are subject to continuous improvement and manufactured in two type and power series, certified according to European standard EN 303-5:2012

They are mainly characterised by the following:

1. Fully automated control

  • The control unit ensures automatic and unmanned operation of the actual boiler and the boiler circuit, including low-temperature corrosion protection control.
  • In addition to the boiler functions, the control unit can control two independent heating circuits, control the heating of warm service water (WSW) in the reservoir, and/or the charging of the storage tank.
  • The option to connect the set to superior control with mutual exchange of status signals goes without saying.
  • Status signals and change in the fundamental parameters can be provided by the Modbus RTU or Modbus RTU/IP communication protocol.
  • The combustion process is optimised and continually monitored by a lambda probe.

2. High degree of comfort

  • The boilers are fully automated. They cover all the crucial functions from automatic ignition, fuel supply to the combustion compartment, to the cleaning of heat transfer surfaces of the heat exchanger, removal of ash, and grating.
  • The facility may also be controlled remotely via a GSM gate. Any faulty boiler status may also be indicated via GSM communication.
  • Using an Ethernet interface, the facility may be connected to the Internet where the entire system and boiler operation may be visualised.

3. Safety of operation

  • Your safety is well provided for even under automatic control thanks to the implemented securing systems.

4. Environmental friendliness and cost efficiency of operation

  • The control unit optimises the combustion processes across the entire range of boiler power by the readout of oxygen surplus measurements in the flue gases by a lambda probe. That ensures the high efficiency of the facility across the entire range of controllability.
  • The boiler structure is optimised to allow the highest efficiency, and heat transfer surfaces are cleaned automatically.

5. Adaptability to customer requirements

  • The spectrum of our products and modularity of the individual construction groups allows for the identification of the specific solution both in terms of power capacity and structural arrangement for almost every customer.
  • One of the main advantages is the option to adapt the boiler operation to the use of various types of biomass based fuels, with the only the change of setting of the control unit parameters.