The company CATfire Service & Trading s.r.o. was estabilished at the beginning of 2010, but our staff has experience with development, working and service of automatic biomass boilers almost 20 years. We are followers of the tradition of the HAMONT automatic biomass boilers production. The proof is the restoration of production and montage of whole 40 – 500 kW boilers power serie in the area of company Vaněk – engineering production in Ostrava-Vítkovice and providing a full service and technical support including repairs and supply of the spare parts for boilers produced since 1996. We do also combustion tests and we participate in research programs in the fields of alternative energy and use of biomass in cooperation with VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. Now we have hundreds of satisfied customers in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and some another European countries and overseas.

The owners decided to change the company name to CSTfire s.r.o. in 2015. Only the company name was changed, the owners are still the same.