Conveyor systems

Transport of fuels from warehouses, regardless of whether they are specially designed silos or rooms in existing buildings specially modified for those purposes, is provided for by a spatial staging system. The premises of the warehouse may have a circular, square, or rectangular (4:3) ground plan, and the flow may be next to, over or below the level of the boiler room floor. The staging system therefore can also be adapted with regard to the various layouts of the warehouse thanks to the fact that the conveyor may be oriented vis-à-vis the intermediate container near the boiler within the range of 230° in the horizontal and 25° in the vertical plane. The length of the conveyor may then be up to 12 metres. Our spatial staging system is equipped with a screw conveyor with a dual screw shaft support, which displays a progressive rising gradient that prevents clogging. The transport of fuel from the warehouse begins the moment the ultrasonic sensor in the intermediate container assesses the amount of fuel as being insufficient.

The time required for the top-up of the optimum quantity of fuel changes depending on the energy content and apparent density of fuel. The servo-driven separating flap in the mouth of the conveyor ensures protection against reverse burning. It is open for such period of time only as required for the fuel to be topped up, and then it hermetically separates the intermediate container from the fuel warehouse.

Optimum emptying of the fuel warehouse, even for large diameters of the spatial stirrer, is ensured by means of the uniform pressure of arms across its entire diameter range. The high reliability, life and wear resistance are given by the structural solution, materials used, and components.

Standard modification:
Diameter of leaf spring beams: 2.5 – 4 m

Extended modification:
Diameter of leaf spring beams in association with massive steel arms: 4.5-5.5m

Conveyor systems - Standard modification Conveyor systems - Extended modification

A joint conveyor system is proposed as the optimum solution of fuel transport to the boilers connected in cascade. The system has a common stirrer for both boilers and independent screw conveyors for the individual boilers.

Conveyor systems