HAMONT boilers save for you!

Heating solutions for your business, carpentry, furniture manufacturing!

The heating solution for your business, carpentry shop, furniture production!

The company CSTfire s.r.o. offers you a solution in the form of delivery and commissioning of automatic hot water boilers of the brand HAMONT in outputs 40 to 101 and 150 to 500 kW > for wood waste – chips, crushed wood, shavings, soft briquettes as well as crushed wood chips or wood pellets including the solution of fuel transport from storage tanks to the boiler. HAMONT boilers meet the strictest requirements for efficiency and emissions – boiler class 5 according to ČSN EN 303-5:2013 and the requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2015/1189 about EKODESIGN! Use our many years of experience to your advantage! With our boilers, you can only win!

You too can become energy independent!

They wrote about us

“We can heartily recommend boilers and services to other customers that intend to develop a modern biomass based heating system.”

Daniel Jelínek
Executive Officer Jelínek – výroba nábytku s.r.o


New name of the company | 11.11.2015

The company was renamed to CSTfire s.r.o. by decision of owners in the April 2015. Only the name was changed, the owners are the same.


Expobiomasa | 11.11.2015

The HAMONT boilers are heating in the Spain too.

The HAMONT boilers at the Expobiomasa exposition in the Spanish Valladolid on 21.-23. 10. 2014.



Nextgen | 11.11.2015

Our boilers HAMONT were observed by visitors of the largest fair of biotechnology and bioenergy in UKs Coventry on 8.- 9. 10. 2014.

coventry nextgen


First appearance at the Infotherma exhibition | 11.11.2015

During 2010 we decided to pay more attention to commercial activities…

Our participation at the Infotherma exhibition, where we enjoyed our debut appearance, is a testament to that decision.

We would like to invite you to Ostrava’s Černá louka fairground between 17 and 20 January, where you can check out our exhibition in the NA1 pavilion, stand no. 016.


Membership in the ICZT network | 11.11.2015

On December 20, 2010, representatives of our company signed the Agreement on membership in the network of manufacturers, builders, designers, servicing engineers and other experts in the field of small- and medium-power facilities used for the heating of buildings, and utilising fossil fuels and biomass in the first place. The agreement allows the use of the Innovation Centre for Heat Sources (ICZT) services in the areas of development and testing, expert counselling and consultations, as well as accredited testing to standard requirements and counselling in the field of industrial rights. For more details on the ICZT project, go to www.iczt.cz.